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Are you thinking about diving into a home remodeling project yourself? You might want to stop, read this article, and then think about it a little more before going all ‘DIY’ crazy. Of course, there are advantages to doing it yourself like possibly saving money and that feeling of accomplishment. The truth of it is an entire home renovation can be a major project. Different complications can arise, things can go wrong, money may ultimately be wasted, and many different mistakes can be made. That is why we recommend always hiring a professional when looking to renovate an older home. They have extensive knowledge and training to get the job done, properly. In this article, we will go over the main reasons why it is best to stick with a professional from project experience, safety precautions, timelines, savings, and more.

Project Experience

Experience truly matters in this area of work. When vetting a remodeling contractor you’ll easily be able to find out how much experience they have in design and remodeling by asking questions. Look for a company or contractor with years of experience, real-world examples, and read reviews from other homeowners. With the help of those online reviews and extensive portfolios, you’ll be sure to know if who you are hiring is the best for the job. However, it is also important to keep these tips in mind when vetting a contractor:

  • Verify the validity of the contractors’ licenses
  • Make sure the project has the necessary permits
  • Ask for a scope of work document
  • Make sure there is the proper insurance
  • Get a schedule upfront with an estimated completion date.

The contractor you chose should have design experience on top of renovation experience. It is best to have someone who knows how to properly knock a wall down, how to add additional square footage and work around obstacles like electrical problems. Also, that contractor should be skilled and trained in design elements, such as how to make things look aesthetically pleasing, where elements like windows, walls, and cabinets should be properly placed.

The knowledge professional contractors can bring to the project are extremely valuable. General Contractors know the up-to-date building codes and should be adverse in exact local variations and the ins and outs of local construction requirements and codes.

Overall, choosing a professional with experience and knowledge will save you money, time, and problems in the long run. It is their job to know more than the average ‘DIY-er’! Just make sure to always do your research first and verify the kind of work they produce.

Safety Precautions that Protect You and Your Home

Another reason it is best to choose a professional is they will do it properly and safely. Safety is super important in a renovation project. Think about it, there have been many instances of issues with asbestos, black mold, or other damage where a professional handles it properly. If you are doing the renovations by yourself and don’t have the expertise required, it could be a potentially major health hazard to you, your neighbors, and pets.

  • 5% of DIY renovators reported being exposed to asbestos during home renovations.
  • 53% reported their partner and 40% reported their children were exposed to asbestos during home DIY renovations
  • 58% of DIY renovators cut AC Fibro Sheeting (the most common activity resulting in asbestos exposure)
  • Non-DIY renovators were overall less likely to have themselves or their families exposed.

Safety is truly the key to a home renovation project. Beyond the health hazards, professionals know how to take care of all the aspects of home renovation. They should have extensive knowledge in electrical or structural work. Something else a professional has that a DIY homeowner may not is the proper insurance. Liability insurance and compensation for workers in case of an accident are required. Along with insurance, a contractor must be licensed by a state board before legally working. The state board will ensure that a contractor follows all the rules and regulations in the local area.

Renovations/Remodeling Completed Quickly

If you decided to renovate on your own, that takes valuable time away from you with school, work, social life, or whatever! Plus, if you have kids or pets at home it can be difficult to maintain a project schedule as big as a home remodel. When hiring a professional you will get a project timeline with an estimated date of completion. They will stick to this date because that how they get paid. With their experience, there’s no room for trial-and-error moments. A general contractor will resolve problems that come up, leading you to save weeks or even months on your project.

Save Money!

Alright, we might’ve saved the best for last…and that’s saving money! It sounds weird because normally you’d be under the impression that DIY can save money. However, that’s not always necessarily the case. A general contractor will not miss a step. So, no worrying about spending extra money redoing things that went wrong. General contractors (if that’s who you decide to hire) can get subcontractors for lower rates. They also have the opportunity to buy products needed for remodeling in bulk. Don’t worry, though, the material will still be high quality! Not to mention, the work of a professional can add overall value to your home. A great general contractor or a remodeling contractor will always have funds on hand to keep your project running on budget and on time.

Connect with a Professional

See all the reasons it makes sense to hire a professional? They are truly a valuable asset to have when taking on a major project like home renovations.

If you are having trouble finding a reputable contractor look no further! Renovate Residential has more than 25 years of experience and knowledge for several home renovation projects. We offer many different services, whether you’re looking for a kitchen or bath remodel, interior/exterior painting, decks or additions, and much more we got you covered!  Visit our homepage, click ‘get a free estimate’ and from there you will fill out the information with your name, email, address, service you’re looking for and we will get back to you ASAP! It’s that easy, look Renovate Residential is already saving you time before your home renovation even begins; contact us today!

Please fill out the contact information below and we will be in touch shortly to discuss this position. Thanks!

Please fill out the contact information below and we will be in touch shortly to discuss this position. Thanks!

Please fill out the contact information below and we will be in touch shortly to discuss this position. Thanks!

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