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Home improvement projects can be daunting and overwhelming. For many home projects, a regular homeowner most likely could not take these on themselves. If they do; costly mistakes could be made, it could take a very long time to complete, and honestly just be way too stressful. But, who should you call for your next home improvement project? We are here to give you the best advice on what kind of expert you should contact depending on the scope of the project and what the project is. Also, we are going to throw our name in the ring here at Renovate Residential and tell you how we can help you with any home renovation project. Let’s get started!

General Contractors

There are different types of contractors, depending on the home improvement project. A general contractor will manage any kind of building, renovation, or remodeling project. They usually have a background in framing and carpentry with other skills as well. They will also use subcontractors to help with the project (do not worry, this is another thing you will not have to worry about as they will hire the subcontractors). Contractors are super important for larger scope projects. One of the biggest questions surrounding contractors is always, is it worth it? It is definitely worth hiring one for larger projects that require a week or more and projects that require multiple permits to complete. Here are some more of the ways they can help on your home improvement projects:

  • Refinish or Paint Cabinets – Many attempt DIY when it comes to painting. However, a contractor that specializes in this area will do this job extremely well and fast.
  • Build and Install a Shed – Contractors who specialize in high-quality outdoor structures and their foundations are an optimal choice when completing a project that involves a shed.
  • Hardscape and Landscape – By using a hardscape contractor and a landscape architect/designer together you can create great curb appeal and have the best landscaping on your block!

Those are just a few niche areas a contractor can help in, but truly their scope depends on what their business offers. Tons of advantages come from hiring a contractor; here are the top 3:

  • Your go-to source

A general contractor will offer services for nearly everything you need in a home renovation. They will arrange, coordinate, and schedule to get your project done in a timely manner. No need to communicate with different people, the contractor will take care of it for you and communicate with the subcontractors.

  • Licensed and insured

A general contractor will have the needed licenses, insurance, and documentation to take on any home renovation project; depending on the state as each has different requirements. This will save you from worrying about building codes, permits, and inspections, it can be quite a hassle. However, contractors will take care of this portion for you. Also, working with a contractor could give you better construction loan terms and options from banks along with a warranty, just in case issues arise.

  • Job can be done quickly

A general contractor is going to give you tons of time back in your life.  Home renovations DIY style can be long and tedious. You might have to research, teach yourself how to even do the project, purchase tools, and have many trial-and-error situations. Luckily, general contractors are experts in home renovation projects and will stick to a schedule, making the entire process efficient.

Full-Service Remodeler

While contractors are the top choice when it comes to helping with home improvement projects, it is important to remember that they are usually hired only for specific projects. They usually will not juggle multiple projects. So, if you are going with a larger remodeling or renovation, we recommend hiring a full-service remodeler. Yes, those exist! A full-service remodeling company will have long-term relationships and teams of experts who specialize in nearly every part of a home. For example, our business Renovate Residential offers full-service remodel, so you do not have to go through different contractors for each job, we can do it all. Let us look at some home improvement projects you would want a full-service remodeling company to take care of:

  • Roof Repair or Replacement – There’s a chance that contractors won’t have the proper resources to repair a roof. A full-service remodeler will though, and it can even have cost savings.
  • Kitchen/Bath Remodel – A project this size will need a full team to get the job done properly. A full-service remodeling team will have consultations with designers, to project managers to ensure work like this goes according to plan.
  • Decks and Additions – Another big project that would need a team of experts. From draft layouts to construction teams. You will need permits and inspections for additions. Going in-house for something this large is the best way to go.
  • Repair/Replace Siding – This needs to be assessed by a full-service remodeler to help you choose the right siding options for your home.
  • Repair/Replace Gutters – Repair damaged or sagging gutters, also helping gutters with smaller leaks to help minimize foundation issues and flooding the basement. They will also create custom gutters to fit your home’s exact specifications.

Project Manager

Another important job to give to someone else when it comes to home improvement projects, a Project Manager. This person takes lead over the entire project once moved into the production phase. Working closely with designers all the concepts, ideas, and decisions will be brought to life thanks to the help of a project manager. If you are doing a major home remodel or project, you really need one of these in your life! Four of the biggest reasons you need a Project Manager for your home improvement projects are:

  • Scheduling

Remodels and higher-end renovations need a schedule. Not only just on the project amount of time but schedules with subcontractors, vendors, and trade professionals. A project manager will take care of this for you, they will handle all the scheduling, potential re-scheduling, and overall management of every person on the project. This takes so much off your plate!

  • Addresses Potential Issues

Unfortunately, with projects that have to do with the home, there are going to be many hiccups. However, there would be even more if you attempted all of this on your own. A Project Manager has all the necessary knowledge and experience to address any potential issues, figure them out, and fix them.

  • Ensures Quality

A home remodel or improvement project is already a giant investment. If you are hiring contractors, you want to make sure their installation and products are of high quality. But, how do you do that if you have no idea what you’re even talking about? Again, a Project Manager will take on this lead role and make sure that everything is done exceptionally, that is their main responsibility! They will be on the job site overseeing all the work that is done making sure it meets your expectations.

  • Main Point of Contact

Having a Project Manager on-site each day allows you to stay out of the renovator’s business. The Project Manager will handle all the communication, concerns, and questions. It is normal for a Project Manager to stay in constant contact with you while the project is being done. That way you know everything that is happening without having to deal with it yourself. A main point of contact leads to better communication and a better experience overall.

Interior Designer

If you want to get really fancy with your home renovations or remodel, think about calling up an interior designer to help you out. This is great to do before your project begins as they can help with the layout and blueprint of your renovations or you can even do it after, and they can help you decorate and find your aesthetic. Let’s see what an interior designer can do for you:

  • Save Money – I know it sounds weird but listen, if you are decorating or picking a color scheme and furniture and end up hating it, that can be costly. An interior design expert will not only help you with design advice/tips but get you the best value for your money on all these things.
  • Increase Home Value – Designs and decisions from interior designers can lead to an increased value of your home. When working with one they will tell you the trends, styles, and materials that need to be used that will impact the property value.
  • Network Opportunities – If you are not going with a full-service remodel company and just need some interior design work, they can connect you with reliable electricians, painters, plumbers, and so on. They have a vast network of home improvement vendors and their opinion is one you can trust.

Home Improvement Experts: Renovate Residential

We gave you the full rundown on who you should call for home improvement projects but did not give any specific names. Well, that is because we believe Renovate Residential can do it all for you! We offer tons of services for home improvement projects:

  • Interior/Exterior Painting
  • Roofing and Siding Repairs
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels
  • Decks and Additions
  • General Renovations & More

Working with us is easy; we take over planning, scheduling, designing, construction, and everything in between to give you the perfect product you asked for. There’s no better choice for a full-service remodeling company.  We serve across Southeastern Massachusetts, so reach out today for a free estimate and see how we can help on your next home improvement project!

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