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When You Should Hire Professional Painters

By August 9, 2021December 15th, 2021No Comments

When it comes to home renovations, the itch to change your items instantly could be at an all-time high. The Pinterest pictures have stirred a DIY fire, and there may be some projects you feel you could handle yourself.

One of the smallest projects that can make a dramatic change in your home is painting. While painting the walls of your house may not seem like a big deal, you should consider hiring a professional painter for several reasons.

Will DIY Have The Same Professional Finish?

DIY projects have been increasingly popular lately. Homeowners have watched the professionals on TV renovate homes beautifully and are now up to the challenge themselves. But, unfortunately, while some DIY projects are easy and can have an excellent finish, painting is not one of them.

Many homeowners think maintaining is a walk in the park, but there are common mistakes homeowners make that can be avoided by hiring professional painters. For instance, homeowners do not typically have the right items for painting.

Sure, the hardware store has what you need, but homeowners typically do not pick up the right materials or do not have them at home. Painting your walls with the wrong materials can lead to the wrong finish, getting paint on the ceiling, or other accidental areas.

Other mistakes homeowners can make when they paint themselves, like picking up the wrong type of base paint or brushes. Paint is expensive. If you aren’t careful, you could pick up the wrong base paint or finish and the wrong brush to paint, leaving visible brush strokes.

Painting your home’s walls is an art that is much different than recreational painting. Painting your home requires completing the project at the right temperature and setting up your walls the right way before starting your project.

DIY projects can be exciting, and homeowners don’t want to take the time to do the project right since it can be time-consuming. However, with that being said, homeowners forget to clean their walls and prime them before painting, which can affect the color of the finished walls.

DIY painting mistakes can become costly to fix, especially if you get paint on uncovered furniture (another painting mistake), the ceiling, or anywhere else. Instead of paying to have your mistakes fixed, reduce your stress and have professionally painted walls the first time with a professional painting contractor.

Why You Should Hire A Professional Painter For Your Home

Home renovations are stressful. Depending on the project, your home may be a wreck from moved furniture, plastic coverings all over the house, and on top of this, you have the added stress of family life or jobs.

With the amount of time a home renovation can take with DIY style, hiring a professional painter can help reduce the stress and complete your painting project quickly. Since professional painters have a team all working at once, they can cover more walls in a day than you could by yourself or with a friend.

Instead of you going to the hardware store to buy all of the materials you may need for your project, professional painting contractors already have the tools they need to paint your home right. Plus, they have the expertise it takes to paint a home.

Certain angles and areas of a home can be tricky to paint, especially the corners or tight areas. Where many homeowners will mess up when they try to paint, but professional painters typically do not. On an off chance, professional painters make a mistake, these companies are insured and can fix the problems themselves without added stress.

What You Need In The Right Painting Contractor

Are you planning to paint your home anytime soon? Finding the right painting contractor to work with is significant. Since painting your walls is a big change, you want to find the right contractor to work with to ensure your home has a beautiful finish.

We’re here to give you helpful tips for finding the right painting contractor for your home. First, you should write down all of the areas in your home you want a paint upgrade. For example, do you want several rooms inside painted? The exterior? Yes, you can hire a professional painting contractor to paint your home’s exterior!

Painting the exterior of your home can give your property a massive cosmetic upgrade. For example, painting the brick can make your old home look entirely new if you have a solid brick home. Professionals can also paint siding.

When you have your home painting list jotted down, it’s time to find the right company to do the work. First, research the local painting contractors in your area to select. Have a list of 4 to 5 contractors to research further by looking into their work history and reviews.

Most companies will have a service page on their website that will tell you if they do interior and exterior painting and a portfolio page to demonstrate their previous projects. The reviews from past customers will tell you how well the companies perform their job and if the clients have been happy with the work performed. If the companies have a positive history, it’s time to set up consultations.

Speaking to about three painting contractors in person will help you select the right company to work with. When you go in for consultations, get a ballpark figure on how much the project will cost your budget and how quickly the contractors can complete the job.

When you hire a painting contractor, you should hire the contractor that best fits your budget and has the high-quality performance your home deserves.

How To Prepare Your Home For A Professional Paint Job

Once you hire the right professional painting contractor, you need to do things around your home to prepare for them coming in. Depending on where your contractor will be painting, they will discuss how to best prepare beforehand.

If you’re hiring a painting professional to paint your living room or bedroom, big furniture does not need to be fully removed from your room but should be pulled out from the wall. Most painting companies have their own fabric or cloth coverings to cover the big furniture to not get paint on your belongings.

Wallcoverings and small items in your home will need to be moved and placed in bins or another room while the painting process is going on. Be sure to put your valuables in a safe place to protect them from getting damaged during the painting.

Your exterior can be easily prepared by making sure any yard items are moved to give your painters easier access to place their ladders against the exterior of your home.

When you hire a painting professional company to come in, you should expect your home to have its normalcy thrown off for the project’s duration. The good thing is that a team of painters can have your home completed in a matter of days, so the intrusion of a painting company should not last longer than a week, depending on how long your project will take.

While you have the painting company at your home, it’s best to have one adult member present at all times. If you live in a development, you should give your neighbors a heads up about the company vehicles parking on the road for a few days.

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