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For most people, their kitchen is the most important room in the house, and not just because it is the place where they get their food from.

In fact, even people who aren’t fond of cooking like to keep their kitchen neat and clean. They also pay a lot of attention to its decor, ranging from the color combination to the tiles.

When you enter someone’s kitchen, one of the first things you notice is the cabinets. They are usually made to match with the entire color combination or feel of the kitchen. If you are redesigning the entire kitchen, there are ways you can redo your cabinets as well.

Most people like to keep their cabinets simple and accessible, but the creative ones tend to go a step further by buying custom kitchen cabinets. Not only do they serve their purpose of storage, but they add a nice aesthetic touch to your kitchen design.

If you are also thinking about getting custom kitchen cabinets, this article has everything you need to know about choosing the best ones for your kitchen.

Choosing the Material of your Kitchen Cabinets

The first thing you should do is to choose a suitable material for your kitchen cabinets. It is one of the first and most important decisions to take. Not only should they look good, but they should also be durable and have a nice finish.

Some of the common materials include:

Solid Wood

This is one of the most popular choices for custom kitchen cabinets. It comes in various varieties, such as red oak, ash, cherry, and many others. Not only is solid wood highly durable, but it also has a sleek and beautiful finish that looks amazing in your kitchen. The only thing to be cautious about is that solid wood can get ruined due to moisture easily.


MDF refers to Medium Density Fiberboard, and it is a composite material made from recycled wood fibers. It is highly durable and moisture-resistant. Moreover, it doesn’t crack or peel easily, which makes it long-lasting and a great choice for your custom kitchen cabinets.


Plywood also looks similar to MDF, and it is made from laminating thin wood layers together. This means it is more durable and moisture-resistant than MDF. Plus, it is also relatively cheaper than the other wood types.


Particleboard is made by joining wood particles together, and although it is much less durable, it can be repurposed for kitchen cabinets by using stronger resin. If you are looking for a low-cost alternative, you can choose it for your kitchen.

Stainless Steel

If you are looking for alternatives to wood, you can also consider stainless steel, which is naturally more durable than other materials. It gives your kitchen cabinets a refined and contemporary look. Moreover, it is also completely resistant to humidity, but it can get scratches or fingerprint stains easily.

When choosing the material, it is always important to focus on durability and strength along with the aesthetics. After all, you‘ll want your kitchen cabinets to last for a good few years as you won’t be remodeling your kitchen every now and then.

Choosing the Cabinet Style

Now that you have selected the material for your kitchen cabinet, the next step is to choose the style. The style should blend in with your kitchen design. It will make your kitchen stand out. Basically, there are two styles of cabinets, Framed and Frameless.

Let’s look into each of these styles:

Framed Cabinets

As the name suggests, framed cabinets include a frame in front of the structure that is attached to the door. Not only do frames provide extra durability, but you also get several options for the frame styles, and you can see some of the styles here:

Beaded Frames

Beaded frames can be found in country-style kitchens. They feature single or double-groove panels, which make them look like striped frames.

Arched Frames

These frames are shaped like the arched windows you see in traditional buildings. They are raised slightly from the cabinet frame and give your kitchen a vintage look.

Raised Panel Frames

These frames are slightly raised and give your cabinet more depth and extra detail. They are used in most modern kitchen designs.

Shaker Frames

These cabinet frames have a flat panel and a recessed center but with a narrow frame molding, which means you can have larger glass windows.

Mission Frames

Mission frames have a minimalist and clean design, especially designed for kitchens that have a simple outlook with a single color palette. They feature doors with flat panels with a recessed center.

Flat Panel Frames

If you are looking for absolute simplicity, then flat panel frames are the way to go. They are simple and plain, not having the recessed or raised centers like shaker and mission frames.

Once you select the style of framed cabinets, you should also shortlist some options for the color and finish of your kitchen cabinet. If you are going for a natural wood appearance, then its color would be dominant in your kitchen design.

If you have a favorite color, you can simply have your designer integrate it into the design plans.

Some of the types of wood color options include:

  • Pine
  • Maple
  • Alder
  • Birch
  • Walnut
  • Mahogany
  • Painted

Frameless Cabinets

Simply put, frameless cabinets don’t have a frame, so they have a denser structure than framed cabinets for added strength and durability. They are more common in modern and contemporary kitchen designs. However, they restrict your choice of door mounting.

Selecting the Door Mounting for your Kitchen Cabinets

If you have already decided whether you want framed or frameless cabinets, the next step is to choose the right type of door mounting for your kitchen cabinets. If you have framed cabinets, you have more options whereas with frameless ones, you only have one option.

Full Overlay

In this configuration, the door covers the entire front side of the cabinet frame, which means that it can only be used for frameless cabinets.

Partial Overlay

This type of door mounting doesn’t cover the entire face of the frame and usually leaves a space of 1 to 2 inches.


In this door mounting, the door is fixed inside the frame of the cabinet, rather than being on top like other configurations.

The type of door mounting you select will also have an effect on the overall design of your kitchen cabinet. So make sure you select the one that suits your taste.

Considering Space and Function

Along with all the important things to keep in mind, you should also consider how much space you have in your kitchen, as well as the function of your kitchen cabinets. If you are short of space in your current setup, you can ask your designer or contractor to plan for adding extra cabinets.

If you search about kitchen cabinet designs and utilization, you will also find designers who have added extra cabinets to the kitchen island. So, you can also opt for this functionality if you are looking for extra storage space.

Maybe you need more drawers or shelves, or maybe you need sliding cabinet doors as there isn’t enough space. This is something you can decide based on the area of your kitchen, as well as your utilization of the space. If you do all of the cooking and cleaning in your kitchen, then it should reflect your personality and provide you with maximum utility.

The next thing to decide is the way in which your cabinets and drawers open. Mostly, you have normal cabinet doors to pull open, but you can also have sliding doors if the style allows for it. When it comes to drawers, you can choose between ones that open when you pull the handles or the ones that are spring-loaded. You press on the surface of the drawer and it slides open.

Exploring Stock Options for Custom Kitchen Cabinets

If you get confused while choosing designs for your custom kitchen cabinets, you can also explore the predesigned or stock options most stores or designers have to offer. You will find a lot of excellent options and be able to make a faster decision.

A major benefit of choosing stock options for custom kitchen cabinets is that you save a lot of time and money as well. This is because it can be quite difficult to break down the process into small components, such as material, door mounting, style, etc. You won’t be able to visualize how your kitchen cabinet will look as a finished product.

Therefore, get in touch with a designer or contractor who can provide you with prefabricated kitchen cabinets. This way you’ll get a better idea of your design options.

Choosing Experts for Designing Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Are you looking for a professional kitchen design company that has extensive experience in this field? If so, you should get in touch with Renovate Residential!

We provide you with a wide range of options for your kitchen cabinets.

We have more than 25 years of experience in redesigning kitchens for homes all over southwest Massachusetts. Our team of expert contractors and designers can gather your requirements and deliver you the most suitable and aesthetic designs.

So, pick up the phone and get in touch with us so we can put your design ideas to execution.

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