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Homes are constantly going through trends with the times or changing with your tastes. For example, if your home or interior walls haven’t been updated in color for a while and need a change, it might be time to look into repainting them!

When it comes to painting your home, you may think you have it all together. Painting is a simple project that seems completely easy, but it can be tricky without proper knowledge. Not to mention it can cause significant inconveniences if done incorrectly.

That is why you should consider working with a local painting company!

Hiring a painting contractor to take over the paint projects for your home is very beneficial. Not only do these professionals hold the expertise in painting homes, but they can reduce the stress of possible mistakes as well.

Suppose you are looking to do some home renovation and change the colors of your home. In that case, you should understand the value of working with a local painting company and how it can benefit the outcome of your painting project.

Why Painting Yourself Can Be a Bad Idea

While painting your home seems like an easy task to do yourself, homeowners often make simple mistakes when they try to paint their house themselves. Painting a home is not the same as painting on a canvas or painting for fun. There are meticulous techniques to paint a home since the mistakes call for a more significant, more expensive clean-up.

One of the common mistakes homeowners make painting themselves include not prepping the surfaces. Requirements for cleaning the interior walls are different than the requirements for cleaning the exterior walls. When homeowners fail to properly clean the surfaces by washing them from dust or splots or priming the walls before applying the paint, the walls may not turn out exactly how you planned.

Not using painter’s tape is a common mistake homeowners make when tackling painting themselves which can ruin the trim of your walls since they are not blocked off from the wall paint. Homeowners also run into the issues of not using the right brushes when painting walls.

Rollers are standard brushes used to paint a large portion of an interior wall. Still, there are several different small hand brushes to reach the tighter areas and corners of walls.

Another mistake that is made far too often is not waiting for the first coat of interior paint to fully dry. When you fail to wait on the first coat to dry, you risk brush strokes being visible when the second coat dries.

Exterior walls work differently and decided to paint your home exterior yourself can be a big challenge. These walls are similar in the prep process, but it’s on a much larger scale. First, you need to pay attention to the weather when you paint your exterior walls, which is something you don’t have to worry about with the interior. Next, exterior surfaces need to be prepped by pressure washing to ensure the walls are clean enough to paint.

When it comes to the actual painting of exterior and interior surfaces, homeowners typically do not select the right kind of paint to use. There are different types of paint finishes for the shine and look of your walls once the paint dries. Typical finishes include: flat, semi-gloss, eggshell, and satin. The final product might not turn out the way you initially wanted by accidentally selecting the wrong finish.

Painting a home also requires the use of specific brushes for certain areas of your home. It is possible that you might not use the right brush to paint your walls, and it can cause a mistake that may suck a lot of time out of your renovation plans and a few extra dollars you were not prepared to lose.

When it comes to time, that is another hardship homeowners face-painting themselves. They have a hard time finding the time to paint their house to be a rushed project. Rushing with painting your home is a big mistake and can result in not having correctly painted walls. It can also cause paint marks to be left on the ceiling, baseboards, and trim, or other areas in your home.

Without taking the time to properly prep your home by protecting your surfaces, you can damage valuables without meaning.

So you see, painting requires a lot more work than most homeowners realize. When you fail to take precautions and paint correctly, the result can show as much. Working with a local painting contractor on your project can save you more money and stress in the long end while ensuring these common mistakes are entirely avoided. Since professional local painting companies have nearly every tool needed to paint a home, you do not have to worry about these mistakes being made. They have all the tools they need to get the job done accurately.

Hiring a Painting Business Leads To Astonishing Results

If you want to paint your home, then obviously, you want to have excellent results. Deciding to update the color of your home is a big step since it can dramatically alter the appearance of the house. Painting contractors know how to efficiently paint a home to give it the design you are looking for.

Since a painting company specializes in painting homes and businesses, you can expect to see professional results when their work is finished. Homeowners who paint their own house typically leave some areas on the wall lightly dusted with paint or paint too heavy of coats.

Painting businesses are very proficient in the art of painting your home professionally. They possess the right tools and strategies for covering walls without leaving blemishes or the sight of brush strokes. It may seem like a waste of money to pay for a service you can do yourself, but when you consider the type of results you would get and the stress you would save yourself in the end, it makes the investment worth it.

If your upcoming paint projects are intense, like painting the exterior of your home or complete interior, it may be stressful to carve time out of your busy schedule. In addition, if you have a family with kids who are involved in sports or other extracurricular activities, it can seem impossible to take the time to improve your home yourself. The weekends are the prime time to get things accomplished around your house, but the workweek can leave you feeling exhausted.

Many customers feel that their home painting results would be inadequate compared to their inspiration pictures of home remodels. To avoid making the mistakes that can come from rushing through painting, save yourself the headache by hiring a local professional painting company. Their workday includes getting your paint tasks completed, and they can get the job done in ample time.

Intense painting projects can be pretty scary to do yourself if you have to climb a ladder to reach high walls. If you are painting yourself, projects that generally take up to three days to complete with a team may take you longer to do. To achieve professional-looking results and complete the project swiftly, your best bet is hiring a painting business!

What Paint Can Do To Your Home

Painting is an update you can make to your home to increase its value. For example, if you are looking to sell your home in the near future, you can bump up the selling price from this simple renovation.

The value of your home can increase differently from interior and exterior painting. For example, customers who have their homes painted by a local painting company can see a 55% ROI from exterior painting and 107% ROI from interior painting.

Having certain rooms in your home updated and color by a local painting company can add more value to your home. The most popular room in a home is the kitchen, with the bathroom coming in a close second.  making sure these rooms are updated not only in their appliances and appearances but with the color of their walls can boost your ROI by 1%

The initial impression of your home is what will win over customers searching the home market. However, if you want to knock it out of the park with the sale of your home, hiring painting contractors to come in and paint your interior or exterior professionally can give your home the best impression it needs to sell.

Best Colors To Paint Your Home

Making a good first impression on customers searching the housing market comes with hiring painting contractors to paint your home the right color. Certain shades sell more than others you are hired contractor may make you aware of if you are unsure what colors to paint your home.

Trending colors in your area are smart to incorporate in your home to boost its value and make your home more modern. These colors will vary from the interior and exterior. Still, they should be within the same color palette since consistency is vital in painting your home.

Your painting contractor should discuss with you the vision you have for the interior or exterior of your home interior to know which rooms to prioritize if you are updating to increase the value of your home. Of course, the kitchen and bathrooms will be a priority, but so will living spaces. Now let’s look at profitable colors to have your local painting company paint certain rooms of your home inside and out.


Different interior rooms should be painted in different colors. Realtors say popular color choices to paint your living room, hallways, and rooms alike are shades of gray, beige, or white. If you are not trying to change your trim or flooring color, make sure the shade you choose Blends well with what is already there.

When hiring a painting company to paint the inside of your home, the trick to making your smaller spaces look bigger all depends on the shade of color you choose. You can make a smaller room seem more spacious by painting the walls a lighter color with a bright white baseboard.

To keep the color consistent, you should keep the kitchen the same color as the living room or foyer. Instead, find ways to incorporate the color white into your kitchen for brightness, a trendy paint color that draws a lot of attention to people browsing the housing market. When the color white is used in the kitchen, it can make the room appear more modern and elegant, especially if painted professionally by a painting contractor.


Having a painting contractor update the exterior color of your home can certainly improve the look of your house. It is a beautiful cosmetic upgrade that is becoming more trendy since the results are stunning and modern. In addition, there are popular shades customers are having painting contractors use for the exterior of their home that boosts the value and curb appeal.

The trending shades for home exterior walls are similar to those of interior walls, but pairing your exterior walls and shutters with the right tones is the top-selling point. Depending on the visions you have for your local painting contractor, one exterior paint plan might be better for selling in your area.

Popular exterior paint trends are:

  • Two tones with darker and lighter colors
  • Beige
  • White
  • Accent black
  • Pale blue and green accent
  • Pale grey

Older homes are the perfect candidates for having a brand new look with a paint upgrade. You can make any older home look like it was built in today’s time with the right design with the right colors. Painted brick is a popular trend with these exterior colors, and your hired painting contractor knows how to deliver expert results to give your exterior a facelift you won’t regret!

Budgeting For a Paint Contractor

Creating a budget for your paint contractor will all depend on several variables. For example, some paint contractors charge per square foot or by the project you want them to complete.

The average cost of hiring a local painting company is between $200 to $600 per day. Consider the project, season, and specific painter you are hiring to break down costs even further. Suburban or city painting contractors may have higher rates than those in rural areas. If you are a commercial business that needs to hire the expertise of a local painting company, you face higher charges for commercial painting and square footage.

The best way to budget for a painting contractor is to consult with several. First, research local painting companies in your area and narrow your list down to a few you would like to consult with. Once you consult with the painting contractor and communicate their prices and financing options, decide how best to budget their expense into your finances to prepare financially for the charge.

It is best to get a figure of how much the project will cost before you decide to hire a paint contractor officially. Most painting contractors will offer a financing plan to reduce upfront costs but pay attention to interest rates. You may need to put back money for a few months before hiring a painting business to avoid any financial strains the investment can cause.

There is a lot to consider when budgeting for a paint contractor. To get a better breakdown of possible painting business charges, let’s look at particular factors that may alter your painting company’s cost.


The type of project you request can differ in price. For example, painting the exterior of your home is more expensive than painting the interior of your home. The average cost of painting the exterior of your home ranges between $2.50-$4 per square foot, while the interior ranges from $1.50-$3 per square foot. If your home is on a bigger scale, then your charges can increase for having a lot of space to cover.


Believe it or not, the season you choose to hire a painting business plays a factor in your budget cost as well. The prime season for people to conduct home remodels is from May to September, which means paint contractor rates will rise during these months. Hiring a painting business during the low season is a way to save money, but if you want your exterior painted, schedule your paint contractor to come before the winter months arrive. Interior walls can be painted nearly every season. Still, projects scheduled during wintery months may take longer to complete because of the weather.

Specific Painter

The specific local painting company you hire can affect your overall total. Of course, you must select a painting business with a reputable background to paint your home, but that doesn’t mean you should hire the most expensive. The more popular the painting company is, the more money you will pay for their services. Spend some time researching local painting companies with high ratings to compare work and prices to find the right paint contractor for you.

What To Expect Working With a Painting Business

Expectations for working with a painting business should be set very high. After all, you are paying these professionals to come into your home and remodel. If you have never considered working with a professional paint contractor before, there are a few things you should be aware of so you know what to expect out of the process.

Before the actual painting begins, your contractor should consult with you about the jobs you are requesting out of them and their price. The result of your contractor’s work correlates with how well both of you communicate. You should be very upfront with your painting contractor about your vision for the house so they can perform the job up to your standards.

The consultation process may take a few days or up to a week, depending on their schedule, to make sure everything is settled. You and your contractor must be on the same page before the painting begins, so nothing has to be corrected later.

Once it’s time for your hired painting business to come to your house, you should expect a team of professionals to be in your residence during the day. Because of this, it is a good idea for you or a partner to take off work while the project is being completed. Your house will not function like normal for a few days or weeks, so prepare yourself and your family to live out of sync until the project is completed.

The good thing about hiring a painting business is that they can get the job completed in a matter of days since there will be a team of experts tackling the project at once. Home painting projects are always cut short when you hire a team of professionals to do the jobs for you, so you can expect fast results when you employ a painting business.

How To Find The Best Painting Company

Finding the right painting business for your home projects does not have to be intimidating. You should spend time thoroughly browsing local painting companies in your area to find the one that best fits your budget and needs.

If you have family or friends who have hired a painting business in the past, ask for recommendations. When you have created a list of several painting businesses to look deeper into, start looking at the specifics.


You should do your homework on trusted companies with a solid history of successful home remodeling projects. The internet can help you find reputable companies in your area that have been in business for a while. When you find several local painting companies to investigate, look at their online presence and social media pictures. Some local painting companies have ads that run on local TV stations or are posted around town. Selecting a credible company with a well-known name secures that you have hired a professional team that will deliver high-quality results.

Price & Financing

Your budget is essential to keep in mind for the completion of your project. Have a figure set in your mind that you can negotiate with painting businesses or look for companies with reasonable prices close to your budget. When you discuss with painting businesses about their prices, find out what financing plans are available or how they help customers afford their services. Finally, you should choose a local painting company that will deliver quality results without causing you to strap down on your finances.


Most painting contractors will offer free consultations or schedule an appointment for you to come into the office to discuss your vision with them. The professionalism a local painting company displays should be a consideration in your decision-making process. When you visit a painting business in their office, feel out the company and the workers you interact with. Take note of any emails that do not display professionalism or the way workers speak on the phone with you. You will know when a painting company shows excellent professionalism. Go with your gut instinct and choose the company you feel most comfortable with. Never hire a paint contractor that does not hand out a contract before work that goes over their job functions and what they are liable for.


As you browse the interest for a possible painting contractor, study pictures of their completed projects to get a feel for their results. The companies that you consider hiring should have evidence of their work. If a client has no pictures to show on their website, ask to see some in an email or a booklet of theirs when you visit their office. Do not hire a painting company without some kind of visible proof they do quality work. Hiring a paint contractor without seeing evidence could result in you hiring a company that does a terrible job on your house.

Client Feedback

Check the client feedback on a company’s site or Google reviews to feel how the company performed for other people. If the client feedback is mostly positive with one or two negative reviews mixed in, do not worry. The company is likely a high-quality provider. If a company has little to no reviews, this might not be a red flag, but you should be cautious about taking it a step further. You can tell a lot about a company based on what other people say about their work.

Starting To Prepare Your Home For a Painting Business

When you find the right painting business to work with, the prep work will begin! You should prepare your house based on the project the painting business will be completing. To best know how to prepare your home for your painting contractor, ask them in advance what they need from you before they come.

If your painting contractor is painting inside your home, you will need to clear the area they will paint to protect your valuables and make the walls easily accessible. Your paint contractor should have sheets to cover your big furniture to protect them from possible paint spillage, but if you can, moving them out of the room entirely will be best. Smaller valuables like wall hangings, pictures, and table decorations should be packed away and stored in a different room until the project is complete.

The exterior of your home may not require so much moving. If you have garden figures or small objects that will get in the way of ladders, move them to your garage. Unless the service is not offered, you do not need to worry about pressure washing outside your home. Your hired painting business should take care of that as they go through the process of painting your home.

You should be prepared to feel as if your home is out of balance for the project’s duration. It may be best to warn the neighbors that you are having remodeling done if you live in a neighborhood. It is neighbor-etiquette to warm at least up to three houses down what is going on so neighbors can be prepared for any inconveniences the remodel may cause as far as work vehicles are parked off the side of the street or loud noises may hear.

Ready to paint? Hire a professional

If you are ready to give your home a cosmetic makeover, call us! At RenovateResidential, we are experts in home design and operate as the local painting contractor you want on your side for home remodels.

Our clients in the Southeastern Massachusetts area have appreciated our work for over 25 years. We can transform any home color on the exertion or interior walls to match your vision perfectly and bring the Pinterest pictures you’ve been harboring to life.

We understand that giving your home a transformation can be intimidating, so we want to help in any way we can. We offer free consultations to our clients for our design experts to lay everything out for you to know what to expect by working with us.

If you are ready to hire one of the best painting companies for your home, call us today at 866-RES-RENO to speak with one of our office staff about the next steps.

We can’t wait to work with you!

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Please fill out the contact information below and we will be in touch shortly to discuss this position. Thanks!

Please fill out the contact information below and we will be in touch shortly to discuss this position. Thanks!

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