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Do you often find yourself watching home improvement and decor videos when you are not working? Are you in awe every time you visit someone’s house, and their kitchen is beautifully decked?

If this is the case, then you are in the same boat as us. On top of that, if you are also a cooking enthusiast, then your kitchen is also your studio and your temple.

Most people are quite particular about their kitchen design and decor, and they would probably spend more time planning their kitchen’s redesign than they would any other room in the house.

This is mostly because they love to cook, but also largely because nowadays, you can see the kitchen as soon as you enter the house, and everybody admires a neat and well-decorated kitchen.

You don’t have to be a master chef to own the world’s most beautiful kitchen. Nothing beats the sight of coming home to an aesthetically pleasing kitchen. When it comes to kitchen design, everyone has different ideas they would love to walk into every morning to make breakfast.

For most people, their kitchen also acts as a dining space. They’ll have their dining table and chairs set up in the kitchen, or have a high counter with barstools where they can have breakfast with their kids.

For other people, the kitchen is a small and comfortable space where only one person can stand and cook their food.

Apart from the kitchen layout, you can also have a variety of color tones and designs that suit your mood. Some love a pure white kitchen, while others love to play with darker tones. If you think you need a larger kitchen to work with different designs, then you can’t be any more wrong!

Let’s take a tour through the most popular kitchen design ideas and inspirations. It’ll help you redecorate your kitchen into something that is a reflection of your personality and something you’ll always love cooking in.

An All-White Kitchen

Are you an admirer of all things white? Well, then you would be glad to know that white kitchens are still in fashion. All-white kitchens have been around since the early 20th century, and most homes had these kitchens because of their simplicity and elegance.

Moreover, white is easy to go with, and even if you are a simple person with a simpler taste, you would still admire the serenity and calmness this color brings to your kitchen.

If you haven’t seen an all-white kitchen, imagine this: you wake up in the morning and head over to the kitchen. All the lights are off, but the blinds are open, and the sunlight illuminates the white marble countertops and white wooden cabinets of your kitchen. You can also choose white appliances to go with the decor, as well as a white backsplash.

Even if this is too simple for you, or you think white kitchens are so 1950s, don’t worry. You can always mix some color with white to uplift your kitchen and design something that reflects your personality. After all, you will be spending most of your time in the kitchen, so it should be decked according to your wishes.

Rustic Kitchen Design

A rustic kitchen has a vintage feel and a certain warmth to it, which you won’t find anywhere else. There are many ways to convert your modern kitchen into a rustic one, such as using wooden fixtures and cabinets that are a little weathered. You can also have rugged stone flooring or tiles to recreate the look. You can even go for painted cabinets, as well as stone walls or wall tiles that give the entire space a country look and feel.

When going for a rustic look, the foundations of the kitchen design ideas should be wooden and stone since these are the two key elements that can make your kitchen look aged yet elegant.

You can also have stone tiles as the backsplash and experiment with all sorts of wooden or stone tiles.

If you have been born and bred in the countryside, then a rustic kitchen will instantly transport you back to the good old days, away from the busy city life. So, using natural wood elements and old stone-like fixtures would certainly be the way to go for your kitchen.

You can also mix these with some modern design elements and create something contemporary.

Using Neutral Colors

Who says your kitchen has to have the brightest and most showy colors to look beautiful? Experimenting with neutral colors will bring you an amazing palette you can use for your kitchen design. The biggest benefit, you can apply it to any kitchen design, regardless of the elements you use or the fixtures you have.

You can have a country kitchen with neutral colors or a contemporary kitchen with neutral colors – nobody will judge you.

If you are considering neutral colors, think about the many shades of gray that you can use. There is no restriction of using just one color, so why not use the entire palette? You can have dove gray walls and backsplash, which provide a background to cabinets that are adorned in a slightly deeper shade of gray.

In front of these fittings, you can have a marble countertop that also complements the entire ambiance of the kitchen. If you have sufficient space, a matching dining table with contrasting chairs is the way to go.

Plus, your silvery appliances will add an interesting touch to the entire ensemble. Neutral colors also go well with wooden fixtures and also provide a rustic and vintage look. So, it is not such a bad idea to choose some neutral colors to spruce up your kitchen.

Big Lighting

The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the house, and since some of the most important work is done, it is only fair that it is well-lit. If you think your kitchen design doesn’t need a makeover, but the lighting isn’t adequate, then it is time to go for some large-sized lighting options. Not only will it keep you from cooking in dim light, but it will also create an invigorating effect.

Choosing lighting that is larger in size than other fixtures is always a wonderful design aesthetic that uplifts the decor of your kitchen, regardless of its design. You can choose between different lighting options, depending on the size of your kitchen. For the overall mood of the kitchen, you can go for recessed and flush mount lights.

These lights usually come in hanging fixtures and beautify any room you put them in. Hanging them inside your kitchen will create an artistic look. If your kitchen is large enough, you can also opt for pendant lighting or choose tubes that are hung vertically at different heights.

Apart from this, you can also find lights with a matte finish, as they look really elegant and compliment your decor.

While choosing big lighting doesn’t seem like much of a kitchen design idea, it does wonders for your kitchen, whether you are planning to remodel or not. If you have a kitchen island or dining table, big hanging lights are the way to go.

Two-Tone Kitchen Design Ideas

Experts say you spend roughly 30 to 60 minutes a day in your kitchen, which means you can’t stand looking at the same boring kitchen, can you?

Enter two-tone kitchens, a welcome break from white or neutral color palettes. Through two-tone kitchen designs, you can do a lot even if you have a small space for a kitchen.

Two-tone kitchens are highly popular right now, and they help build a certain character and feel of the kitchen while also making your small kitchen look much more spacious. Typically, you would find two-tone kitchen cabinets, whereas the rest of the fittings are of a more mellow color.

In older kitchens, the top cabinets would match with the bottom ones, but those days are long gone.

Now you can select between any two colors to create a wonderful contrast. Moreover, you can also vary the colors of the cabinets with that of the kitchen island to create a beautiful mismatch that is eye-catching.

You can even go a step further, and while the kitchen cabinets are adorned in the same color, you go with a contrasting color for your walls and backsplash so that it further enhances the aesthetic appeal.

Just be careful while selecting the colors, and don’t go with colors that might be too sharp to look at for a long time. Otherwise, you won’t be able to stand in your kitchen for too long.

Adorning the Backsplash

For those of you who don’t know, the backsplash refers to the panel on the part of the wall behind your sink or cooker that protects against splashes or splatters while cooking or doing the dishes.

In modern kitchen designs, you will also notice most kitchens being simple and minimalist. Their backsplash is completely decked out. If you want to keep a simple kitchen, you can also apply this trend.

Most people use tiles on their backsplash, while others take it a step further and install tiles on the entire wall, right up to the ceiling. In other kitchen design ideas, you can also notice some design experts match the backsplash with the top of the kitchen island, which makes for a refined and elegant look.

If you like shiny and reflective surfaces and can amp your budget a bit, then you should experiment with a glass backsplash, as it would provide a really nice glow to the entire ensemble.

Similarly, you can also try out stainless steel, as it will not only be easier to clear after cooking, but also provide a wonderful glow to the entire kitchen. If you are looking for something unique, you can even match your backsplash with the flooring.

Go for Open Shelves

As you may have noticed, a great deal of kitchen design ideas revolves around cabinets and their use. However, what if you could have a kitchen without cabinets? While it may seem like a far-fetched idea, you can actually make do with open shelving, which can feature most of your pots, pans, and utensils, as well as some baskets and decorative items.

This idea can make your kitchen look like those you often see in old animated movies, but it will add a touch of beauty to the entire decor. Many designers are experimenting with stacked and floating shelves, with some of them also including a sliding cabinet door you can use to hide the less appealing items.

With stacked shelves, you can also save a lot of time since you don’t have to open numerous doors to find that one bottle of jam you know you kept somewhere. Plus, you can also arrange items in order of priority, with the frequently used items placed on the lower shelves, so they are easy to access.

An alternative kitchen design would be to mix a little bit of both open shelves and kitchen cabinets and see what comes of it. Also, you can make use of a shelving unit, which won’t require any renovation or installation, and it would also fulfill the purpose.

Bar-Inspired Kitchen

Do you have sufficient space in your kitchen or a window that opens into the living or dining room? It would be the perfect place to set up a bar area. You can install a wooden countertop or shelf, along with barstools that you can prop up on when you are having breakfast or lunch.

Moreover, it can also serve as a functional space to serve breakfast to your family members through the window.

Even if you have a window that opens into the garden or backyard, it would be another perfect setup for a bar area, especially if you have outdoor gatherings and dinners with your friends and family. You can set up your deck with tables and chairs, and install the countertop near the window so that you can quickly serve everyone.

Even if you are dining alone most of the time, having a bar area and barstools would be useful. If nothing else, you can enjoy the cool air as you have your food.

Painting the Ceiling

Another wonderful kitchen design idea constitutes painting your entire kitchen in one single color. It also includes painting the ceiling with the same color. This gives your entire kitchen a beautiful and neat look. No matter which color you choose, including the ceiling in your plans is a brilliant idea.

You can take your kitchen decor a step further by choosing a softer paint color for all of the walls and ceilings. Next, you can have beautiful patterns and shapes painted on the walls and ceiling with a lighter color or shade.

Alternatively, you can also use a contrasting color to paint the ceiling with. This adds more depth to your kitchen design, thus making it look more spacious.

Another ingenious kitchen design idea is to keep your walls plain with a single color while you use a similar-colored wallpaper to adorn your ceiling. The wallpaper could have all sorts of shapes and patterns, and it would look really cute and homely.

Plus, you won’t even have to look up to notice the ceiling’s color as your eyes will be instantly drawn to it, and so will your guests.

If you are not done with just painting the ceiling, why not paint the floors too? If you have hardwood flooring, a painted look will not only add finesse and brightness, but it will also pop up the entire kitchen.

You can choose from all sorts of lively colors to paint your flooring and really bring out the ambience.

Try a Lacquer Kitchen

Lacquer is the new kitchen design trend that all designers are after nowadays. This glossy and reflective material can be bought in any color. It can be used for the doors of your kitchen cabinets and drawers, as well as the sides of the kitchen island. This is where you can really choose your favorite color, no matter how bright or loud it may be.

Lacquered wood does wonders for your kitchen cabinetry, and if you use contrasting or two-tone colors, you will be able to strike a perfect balance between the two components of your kitchen.

You can choose gray and white, white and blue, green, purple, mint, red wine, blue, or any other color that you love. This is one choice that can never go wrong, no matter what you select.

Even if you are going for an all-white kitchen, imagine how beautiful it would look if you replace the traditional cabinets with lacquered cabinets. It would give the entire kitchen a beautiful sheen and finesse that will be unmatched.

This concludes our extensive list of the best kitchen design ideas and inspiration, and we hope it helps you get some clarity regarding what you want your kitchen to look like after it has been redone. No matter what you choose, make sure you like what you are going with because you will be spending the most time in the kitchen every day, not the contractors.

If you are searching for an expert professional who can easily guide you through the entire process of redesigning and remodeling your kitchen, your search ends here.

With Renovate Residential by your side, you don’t need anyone else. We are home improvement experts with more than 25 years of experience in Southwestern Massachusetts. We have a team of dedicated experts who would love to hear your ideas and provide you with wonderful solutions.

So, pick up the phone and get in touch with us today, so we can get to work on redoing your kitchen. Also, take a look at this post on the best kitchen design ideas for 2021.

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