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If you are debating between painting your house on your own or going through a professional service, please keep reading. We are here to tell you why going through a service will suit your painting needs better. Although there is nothing wrong with doing it yourself and it can save money and give you that feeling of accomplishment, there are just too many benefits you can reap when hiring professional painters. If you choose not to, you will soon realize how stressful and demanding the job can be. We are going to look at the top four benefits of hiring someone to do the job and a few of the reasons why you should not attempt this big of a project on your own. Let’s get started.

Structural Stability

When it comes to painting the exterior of your home some issues can appear that you weren’t prepared for. This includes your housing structure rotting or decaying. This could lead to a significant effect on your home over a length of time. But, if you have a professional painting service doing your home, they know how to detect and advise you on how to fix these issues before even beginning the painting process.

So, what leads to rotting or decaying on the outside of a home? The biggest impact comes from water or moisture that enters the walls through an already structurally weak outside. This in turn can lead to rot or mold growth. If you choose to paint the home on your own, you could miss this, and it could get worse. A professional and quality painter will help protect the structure of your home from water and moisture and look for any additional structural issues. This can help you save big time on future repair issues all thanks to hiring a professional painter.

It’s also important to mention how difficult and different exterior painting projects can be versus interior. Depending on what your house was built with, there’s a high chance of needed repairs on the outside. The walls inside the house are way different from the outside, so skip the research and preparation and hire a professional to take on the job.

Professional Knowledge on Trends

There was once a time homeowner chose paint colors based on how they would look in the space. But now, homeowners crave comfort over style. Picking a color or pattern scheme can be difficult and intimidating. If you go with a professional painter instead you will soon realize how much knowledge and expertise they have in this area. Most painters will have knowledge and background in the current trends and can offer solid recommendations on suitable color schemes. They will also utilize back rolling and back priming in effective ways; ways that you might not know how to do. The paint they bring will also be of high quality, allowing the home to withstand weather conditions and the brutal UV rays from the sun.

Overall, you’re going to get a quality job with a clean and notably professional look. No drippings of paint on the floor or the ceiling. If you’re a perfectionist, all you will notice is clean lines and smooth paint when going with a professional painter.

Timely Completion

Nothing is better than having that feeling of time on your hands. If you choose to paint yourself, say goodbye to that free time. A painting service not only gives you that time back but also will work to ensure your project is completed on schedule when a predetermined time frame is set. Be aware, delays can occur. However, that generally only happens if major repairs are needed like the ones mentioned above with the structure or weather isn’t too great on painting days. Depending on the scope of work, a professional painter could even get the job done within one or two days! Unlike the weeks or even months the project could take you. Studies have shown that one out of five homeowners end up eventually hiring a professional painter to finish the job, giving up after the stress and disappointment of their DIY. So, you might as well just hire one to begin with to save yourself.

Overall Better Service

There are tons of other benefits to hiring a professional and overall going this route will give you better service in general. You will find minimal to no mistakes, something that can be aggravating to the average painter. The service you get from a professional will include:

  • Important Preparation – carpentry work, rot repairs, sanding, and patching
  • Cleanliness/Longevity – professionals make certain that there are no messy flakes, chips, or debris left behind. You will see a smooth texture left behind on your walls; inside and out. A paint job can also hold up for years, but that requires essential steps and an overall solid paint job. Professional painting services have the resources to ensure this.
  • Quality Job – professional painters know the best quality paint and materials to use on the job for a clean look and exceptional results
  • Reduced Stress – painting is extremely stressful from planning to making sure everything goes smoothly. They will also have insurance, so if anything goes wrong the company will make sure to fix it, providing you peace of mind.

Cons of DIY Painting

Besides what was mentioned above, we have a few more cons to discuss when attempting to paint yourself. One of the biggest cons is you’re not going to get a high level of quality. Although painting looks kind of simple, it’s not and it’s easy for beginners to make a mistake. That, in turn, compromises the finished product and you might have to go back and that could cost even more. Another con is the prep work can go unnoticed with DIYers. There is a lot of preparation needed before even starting to paint (mentioned above). You must sand, prime, use the correct type for your walls. Many beginning painters aren’t aware of all the necessary steps needed in getting a quality, clean look.

Choose Us at Renovate Residential

Are you in the market for a professional painting service but don’t know who to choose? Look no further because here at Renovate Residential we can get the job done for you! We serve everyone across Southeastern Massachusetts. Years of experience and knowledge will leave you with a smile on your face after you see the quality paint job you end up with. We do both exterior and interior painting; no project is too small or too big! Reach out today for a free estimate.

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