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It’s time to get your hands dirty and get into those home improvement projects you’ve been talking about for so long. Whether you just bought your first home or have owned it for 20 plus years, it’s time. Just, not all by yourself! It is recommended you use an expert in all aspects of your home improvement journey.

In this article, we will guide you through the most important projects that will need an expert including junk and home waste removal, demolition, kitchen, and bathroom remodeling, interior design, and plumbing/electrical experts. It seems like a lot, we know, but they all play such a vital role in properly improving a house that can overall add value to your home. There are so many benefits when choosing to hire a professional rather than doing everything yourself. We also got you covered in that area, with the pros and cons between both, and what you can expect when hiring an expert. Let’s get started.

The Top 5 Major Benefits of Hiring an Expert

There are several different benefits when hiring an expert for improvement projects. Think of them like you would a wedding planner. They take care of the small details you may miss, but also the big details that you cannot take on by yourself. They have knowledge, expertise, and experience within the home improvement field. Truly, it is the best option to choose to hire someone when doing any sort of home improvement project. We want to touch on the top five benefits to convince you even more!

  1. Saving Money

Most believe a do-it-yourself (diy) home project saves money. Well, that is not always necessarily the case. Think about it; you are doing a project yourself and you mess up, you must start over, meaning buy the products again or even spend money to fix it. Consider if the project is something major like demolition and you do it completely wrong, that is going to end up being a big chunk of change. Unless the project is something simple like painting, it may be in your best interest to leave it to the experts.

  1. Knowledge/Experience

Would you say if you spent 25 years teaching and had your master’s degree in teaching that someone who did not have even a year of experience was a better teacher than you? No, probably not. We can use this same example for home improvement projects. An expert in complete home remodeling or even in specific areas in home remodeling (example: kitchen, basement, bathroom remodeling expert) has extensive knowledge in this area of work. They will know how to remodel properly, in a timely manner, and they are your go-to source for everything. Whether that is getting the proper permits or hiring additional help their experience can also give certain experts great reputations, making it easier to hire them for help.

  1. Time is on your side

If you do the renovations or projects yourself that takes away time from your life. Hiring experts to do the job takes that off your shoulders and frees up your weekends and evenings! Plus, contractors make a schedule and stick to it. Granted things happen that could delay the project but most of the time hiring a contractor will ensure your project is completed on time and efficiently.

  1. Less risk of danger

Experts should make safety their top priority when hired by a customer. If your home project involves any dangerous/hazardous material like asbestos (found commonly in popcorn ceilings) or black mold, or requires electrical or structural work, it is highly recommended to hire an expert to deal with these improvement projects. Proper insurance requirements must also be in place for certain contractors. This way, you are not responsible for any damages that occur. They will have you covered and be able to fix it.

  1. Convenience

Imagine an expert helping to remodel your home or help with even simple home projects. The convenience and efficiency of it would be amazing! This person will hold all the responsibility for materials, labor, equipment, and necessary services. They work at your convenience; and it makes everything such a breeze. Home projects can be very overwhelming, why not have an expert do it for you?

Cons of DIY (Do-It-Yourself)

So, you saw a few of the major benefits of hiring experts, but perhaps you are still not convinced and want to attempt to DIY. We have some advice on why DIY might not be the best move to make depending on the scope of your project.

  • Codes and Permits – Were you aware that a vast amount of home renovation work requires building codes and permits? Yep, completely true! Structural work, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and even water heaters require permits in most municipalities. All permit work must also be done according to the code. Going with an expert keeps you from this paperwork and stressful process. Contractors, subcontractors, designers, and architects already know what will be needed for a certain project.
  • Safety/Health Risks – There is a high risk of injury when taking on full DIY projects in the home. Falls are one of the most common types of household injury, if you are busy working on a ladder you can put yourself more at risk. Plus, the health risks are there as well. Old paint could be lead-based, floor tiles could have asbestos, black mold is common in the ceiling, and so on. Professionals take safety seriously and know what measures need to be taken to keep themselves and you safe.
  • Loss of Money – A big reason people take on DIY projects themselves is the belief it saves money. While that can be true, there is also the potential of it costing even more than hiring a professional. Projects need to pass inspections, if it does not you have to do it again and that can cost a pretty penny. Also, to complete a project, you may have to purchase expensive tools only to be used once.
  • Low-Quality Work – Not bashing on any DIYers quality of work. However, for those who have never taken on home improvement projects on their own before, be ready for not-so-great quality of work. You will have to teach yourself new skills and you might not get it right the first time. Plus, you never would want your own house to be a ‘test subject’ for tiling, wiring, electrical, or plumbing.

These are just a few out of the many cons that can appear when doing home improvement projects, yourself. Depending on the scope of your project, it is best to let an expert take the lead. Now that you have seen the pros to hiring an expert, we should talk about the types of experts used in specific projects and how they can help.

Experts in Junk Removal

If you are planning on doing home renovation projects, get ready for a lot of waste and junk, and we mean a lot! It accumulates over time and when you start renovating more just appears. To relieve yourself of the massive amount of junk, you should hire a junk removal service to help you out. Here are a few reasons why having an expert will ultimately help you:

  1. Proper Junk Disposal – Did you know there are junk removal laws in place? Basically, they are laws that suggest you cannot dump waste just anywhere. Some waste is also considered dangerous and cannot be dropped in a landfill. Keeping up with the laws and regulations in place can be stressful. Luckily, choosing an expert to take care of this relieves you of that worry and can even help prevent you from getting fined.
  2. Safety – Your safety is at risk when attempting to take on junk removal yourself. When removing junk especially certain types like sharp, heavy, or glass objects you increase your chances of getting injured. That, in turn, leads to medical care and unexpected medical costs. This risk can be easily avoided by hiring an expert, they are extensively trained on junk hauling and will accomplish it safely.
  3. Time Saver – Why waste your time removing junk when someone else could do it for you? Junk removal is a tedious and hard process. It could take hours, days, or even weeks depending on the amount you need to remove to accomplish your project. Save time and hire an expert who does this every single day and is well equipped to get the job done faster than you would.

The goal with junk removal is to achieve a better-looking home. With renovation projects, junk or trash will accumulate, especially if demolition is involved. Do not rely on a neighbor with a truck to get the job done, you need an expert. You are working on making your home look better with renovations, the process of clean-up could deter you from achieving that new and improved appearance of your home, do not let it! Plus, there is a big chance this task could end up being bigger than anticipated and if you do not know the best and proper way to dispose of it, it is your safest bet to go this route.

The Help of an Interior Design Expert

An interior designer is an expert at the art and science of enhancing the interior of a building to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing look and environment for people using the space. They plan, research, coordinate, and manage these projects. Choosing to hire one for your home improvement projects can bring your vision to life and alleviate the stress associated with home renovations. Look at the specific areas they will help in:

  • Avoids Costly Mistakes – If your home improvement projects include painting, adding new furniture, or new decor it can be challenging and costly if not done right. An interior designer is an expert when it comes to this kind of stuff. Designers will also ensure you get the best value for your home improvement dollars and help you understand where all your money is going while also working within your budget.
  • Increase Value of Home – One of the largest benefits of hiring an interior designer is their creation can increase value on your home. Design, materials, and finishes can impact property value. If you are doing any home renovation projects to increase the value of your home, this can take you that extra mile.
  • Connections – An interior designer also can help point you in the right direction of home improvement vendors. Finding reliable electricians or painters can be difficult, but with the trust of an interior designer, they can do it for you with their vast network connections.

If you are doing an extensive home renovation or just revamping some areas, hiring an interior designer can be extremely valuable. They will take your project to the next level and save you many headaches. Let the expert handle the design aspect; all you need to do is give them your vision.

Kitchen & Bathroom Remodel Experts

Your kitchen and bathrooms are highly used rooms in a home. These are home improvement projects where an expert would be very handy. Over time both areas in a home need updates and if they require major updates, it will need technical knowledge, planning, and project management. An expert will handle all of this for you so there will be no costly mistakes, mishaps, or disappointment. Some of the major benefits of Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel Experts are:

  • Valuable Knowledge/Expertise – With home improvement projects surrounding the kitchen and bathroom there is a lot of technical knowledge required, which makes it difficult to DIY. For example, the kitchen layout is the first thing that needs to be discussed. The wrong choice can impact the counters, appliances, and cabinetry, resulting in a very costly mistake. Choosing an experienced kitchen/bath design professional or contractor will know this information along with product lines to choose the best materials and decor.
  • Planning, Monitoring, Design, and Budgeting – Planning kitchen and bathroom remodel is the key to a successful project. A remodel does not begin with demolition. Planning, design, and budgeting must be considered in depth. From then on contractors will start demolition, installation, and a designer will do the decorating, color coordination, monitoring of the project, all while staying within the budgetary guidelines.
  • Saves Money and Time – A full remodel especially to a space like a kitchen can be extremely time-consuming. Hiring an expert allows you to have more time in your day to not worry about the planning, construction, or design elements. You can also save money by not making any of those costly mistakes we mentioned above. That happens more frequently than you might think, an expert knows how to do the job right and on your budget.

Experts in kitchen and bathroom design or contractors offer resources that mitigate risk, share ideas, and save you time, energy, and money. It’s smart to choose experts that can help bring your vision to life while also increasing the value of your home. Kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects can be some of the hardest and time-consuming ones. We recommend hiring experts for larger projects like this, you won’t regret it once you see the finished product.

Electrical & Plumbing Experts

Any home improvement projects that deal with wiring, electrical, or plumbing should be done by an expert. While the specific projects we mentioned above do not always necessarily need professionals, with this area of work it is more than a recommendation, it is more of a requirement.  If you attempt to do any type of electric work yourself without any knowledge you will be getting in over your head. The wiring may look like a simple project, but it is not. You could find yourself getting into other systems and circuits you were not even aware of, making the problems significantly worse and costing a lot in repairs. A professional will quickly find the problem and solve it. Wiring or electrical work can also be very dangerous if done incorrectly. It could lead to fires, electric shocks, and other dangers. Of course, with most things we mentioned, hiring an expert will also save you money in the long run. Your mistakes during DIY could cost you, a professional will resolve the issue.

Now onto plumbing experts. Homeowners who have projects that involve plumbing may try to accomplish it themselves, usually because they fear the cost of a plumber. However, cost should not determine if you hire a professional or not to do the job. Certain repairs require a plumber because they possess knowledge, years of training, and experience. Here is a list of additional pros a professional plumber can bring to your home renovation projects:

  • Familiar with safety risk and can reduce safety hazards
  • Skillset and knowledge to complete projects with accuracy
  • Has proper credentials to do the job like a professional plumber’s license
  • Has insurance
  • Works on budget and schedule
  • Identify other potential problems you could miss such as mold and polybutylene piping

Again, before attempting any of this work on your own at least consult with experts to find out if the job is too big for you to do. There are so many potential issues you could run into that could affect your house long-term.

Cons of Hiring Experts

Okay, we realize most of this article has been sort of hating on DIYers. But there are pros for doing it yourself. DIY is doable but it is recommended for smaller projects. We do not want homeowners to make the mistake of taking on a project that is too big and ends up being a major mess and an expensive fix. Let’s look at the pros of DIY for small projects:

  • You learn new skills
  • You might be able to save some money
  • You have a feeling of accomplishment/success
  • You might decide you really like the project and this sort of work can become a new hobby
  • You problem-solving skills improves

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